July 26 Prediction: Reds vs Yankees, Can Bailey Overcome His Slump vs Severino?

Photo Credits: Wade Tours

The New York Yankees are set to go up against the Cincinnati Reds at Yankee Stadium. Can the Yankees triumph over the Reds at home?

The Yankees have chosen Luis Severino (3.21 ERA, 1.11 WHIP) to start off against Reds’ Homer Bailey (8.56 ERA, 2.05 WHIP). Can Bailey overcome the Yankees in his career’s worst season?



cbs new york - severino.jpg

Luis Severino, Photo Credit: Cbs New York

Severino struck out six batters in seven scoreless innings against the Seattle Mariners in his last match. He has been performing well with a 6-4 win-loss record; he struck out at least 5 batters in his last 10 games. Plus, Severino has the lowest ERA among the Yankees’ starting pitchers.


bleacher report - homer.jpg

Homer Bailey, Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

While Bailey hasn’t been performing well with a two-game losing streak. The righty conceded eight hits, two runs and two walks in six innings against the Miami Marlins in his last game. Despite having a bit of an improvement compared to last month’s games.




yankees batters

Photo Credit: MLB

Among the Yankees’ batters, Matt Holiday has had the most success against the Reds’ starting pitcher. He bagged a run with a very impressive 1.000/1.000/2.000 line and a 3.000 OPS in his last match against Bailey. Overall, Holiday holds five runs, two dingers and eight RBI with a superb .326/.396/.628 line and a 1.024 OPS against Bailey throughout his career.


reds batters.PNG

Photo Credit: MLB

Zack Cozart leads Red’s offense with a good .317/.402/.568 line and a .971 OPS; he’s been getting a lot of hits but the number of his runs isn’t as high. Another one of the Reds’ best batter is Joey Votto; he currently has the most homers and RBI, and the highest OBP among his teammates.


The Reds slated a pitcher who is currently having his worst season against one of Yankees’ best. If the Yankees can take advantage of this set up then maybe Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge will turn his pitches into homeruns around Yankees’ Stadium. However, if the Reds’ relief pitchers could do better than their starter then they might turn the tables against the Yankees.

Projected Winner: Yankees



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