July 26 Prediction: Nelson and Gonzalez Face Each Other at their Best

Photo Credit: MLB

Milwaukee Brewers’ Jimmy Nelson is currently having the best year of his career with a winning record (8-5) and the lowest ERA that he’s ever had (3.43) on a minimum of 10 starts. His opponent, Washington Nationals’ Gio Gonzalez, is also having a career-year; Gonzalez has an 8-5 record with a career-low 2.83 ERA. They are set for a matchup at Nationals Park.



Jimmy Nelson, Photo Credit: MLB


Nelson lost his last match against the Pittsburgh Pirates; he gave up four runs and one homer on six hits in five innings. It was the first time he got a loss on the road and allowed four runs since June 23.  Plus, he might have a winning record on road games (4-2) but he has a 4.96 ERA compared to his 2.39 ERA at home.


Gio Gonzalez, Photo Credit: MLB


While Gonzalez also suffered a loss in his last game against the Los Angeles Angels; he gave up four runs and one homerun on five hits in 5.2 innings. It was also the first time he’s allowed four runs in a game since May 19. However, playing at Nationals Park might do him some good even though he has a 1-2 record in nine starts there; he has a 1.95 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP at home.


WSH vs Nelson

Washington Nationals vs Nelson, Photo Credit: MLB


Bryce Harper, Photo Credit: MLB


Nationals’ Bryce Harper has had the most success against Nelson; he’s gotten two runs and one homer on three hits in seven at bats versus the Brewers’ starting pitcher. Harper is also posting a .429/.556/.857 stat line and a 1.413 OPS in all of the games he’s faced Nelson.

MIL vs Gonzalez

Milwaukee Brewers vs Gonzalez, Photo Credit: MLB


Jonathan Villar, Photo Credit: MLB


On the other hand, Brewers’ Jonathan Villar has bested Gonzalez so far; he’s gotten two runs on four hits in seven at bats versus the Nationals’ lefty. Villar also has a .571/.500/.857 stat line and a 1.357 OPS throughout his career against Gonzalez.


Both pitchers are certainly performing well for this season, especially Gonzalez even though his competence at home hasn’t translated into wins. As for Nelson, he did a great job by not allowing Washington’s batters any runs last year but he hasn’t faced this year’s version of Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, Anthony Rendon, and Ryan Zimmerman; all of them are having career-years as batters.

Projected Winner: Washington Nationals


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