July 25 Prediction: Can the Dodgers Secure Second Win vs the Twins?

Minnesota Twins’ Jose Berrios (9-3, 3.50 ERA) will go head to head against Los Angeles Dodgers’ Kenta Maeda (8-4, 4.23 ERA) at the Dodger Stadium. Will the Twins have a comeback or will the Dodgers make the score two to none?



Jose Berrios, Photo Credit: Sportshub

Berrios had a strong start against the New York Yankees last July 19, allowing six hits and one run while striking out five batters in over 6.2 innings. This season, he gave up 68 hits, 31 runs, and 9 dingers in over 79.2 frames. He is more effective in playing at their home base (5-1, 2.61 ERA) than playing away (4-2, 4.46 ERA).


Kenta Maeda, Photo Credit: MLB

Meanwhile, Maeda will be taking over the injured Brandon McCarthy. This will be his first time on the mound against the Twins. He has performed well recently in his last two games, striking out eight batters. However, he wasn’t able to prevent nine hits and two runs in over 10 frames. The Dodger’s Japanese pitcher is more comfortable pitching at home (5-1, 3.11 ERA) than away (3-3, 5.65 ERA).


MIN v Maeda

Photo Credit: MLB


Ehire Adrianza, Photo Credit: MLB

Ehire Adrianza (.301/ .345/ .411, .756 OPS) is the only batter in the Twins’ lineup who has played against Maeda; he has one hit, one run and a homer in over two at bats against him although that was recorded last year when he was playing for the San Francisco Giants. Also the shortstop wasn’t able to score (2) a lot of his hits (8) in over 19 at bats but he was only struck out four times this month.

LAD v Berrios

Photo Credit: MLB

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres

Cody Bellinger, Photo Credit: MLB

On the other hand, Cody Bellinger (.269/ .350/ .622, .973 OPS) clutched the game yesterday with a three-run dinger making his presence known as the Dodgers’ rising rookie. He was struck out by Colon at his first two at bats. But at the 8th inning against Taylor Rogers, his first hit went outside the field but it was a foul. After that, he got a homer that led his team to victory.


Both teams are relatively new against both teams’ pitchers making this game difficult to predict when it comes to a batter versus pitcher comparison. However, the Dodgers’ batters are ranked 5th on the MLB team batting stats, while the Twins are placed 20th. Plus, it might be a difficult game for the Twins since they’re facing the best pitching team in the MLB.

Projected Winner

Los Angeles Dodgers


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